New and improved Arthritis app for teens and young adults

After a successful launch last year, we have exciting news about the next evolution of our free app for teens and young adults, "Arthritis Tracker". Available on Android and iPhone, the symptom and wellbeing tracker can help health professionals make the most of the time they have with patients and quickly get an understanding of some the key issues that a young person is facing, leaving more time to discuss treatment options.

“The app is great – I am actively encouraging young people in my clinic to use it. It has huge potential to enhance communication between young people and health professionals, allowing us to better understand the impact arthritis is having on the young person's life and then to treat them more effectively.” - Dr Janet McDonagh, Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatologist, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

Co-designed with young people, the app has a simple, easy to use interface. It lets the young person rate their daily symptoms and wellbeing, keep notes and view a summary of recent symptoms, side effects, sleep, emotions and activity levels. The app also includes information and tips, real-life stories and links to online and in-person support available through Versus Arthritis.

The newly updated version now also allows young people to:

  • Pinpoint where pain is more quickly with a visual body map.
  • Track any day in the past, so they don't have to remember to track every day.
  • Edit and delete notes.
  • Back up data to a secure online account.
  • Lock the app with passcode protection.

To share this free tool with your patients

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