New stretching videos to help keep moving and manage your arthritis

We are excited to announce the launch of Versus Arthritis’ brand new ten- part stretching series.

New stretching videos to help keep moving and manage your arthritis

How do I watch the videos?

To be the first to receive the free videos sign up to the Let’s Move newsletter. Videos are being released weekly and will also be premiered on our Facebook page. You’ll then be able to find them on our dedicated YouTube playlist and website on the relevant ‘Exercises for healthy joints’ pages. If you're on Facebook why not join our Let's Move Facebook group and share your physical activity journey?

Series overview

Designed especially for those living with arthritis and related MSK conditions, our new follow-along stretching videos are split into two mini-series.

1. Seven part tailored stretching series

Physiotherapist Jay Milomo, who has expertise in arthritis and related MSK conditions, is accompanied by James and Sylvia who live with arthritis as they demonstrate the commonly recommended exercises for different parts of the body.

  • The videos are short (15 minutes) and designed to be easily incorporated into your daily routine.
  • No specialist equipment is needed, everything can be done at home - even making use of some household items.
  • Doing the movements regularly can help maintain joint range of motion, ease pain and stiffness and make everyday tasks easier such as carrying the shopping or reaching for things.

2. Three-part full body stretch series

Physiotherapist Jay leads this series of full body stretches tailored to different times of the day. Combat morning stiffness, increase flexibility during the day and then relax with an evening stretch. The series is designed to give you the tools you need to help get more movement in your life every day and to give you more confidence.