Can you help shape D-MAPP?

Funded by the National Institute of Health Research and Versus Arthritis, researchers at the University of Leeds, University of Southampton, University of Aberdeen and Keele University are developing a digital self-management programme, the Digital – My Arm Pain Programme (D-MAPP), to support people living with distal upper limb musculoskeletal conditions.

Led by Professor Philip Conaghan in the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Research (LIRMM) at the University of Leeds, the D-MAPP team is working in collaboration with healthcare and allied health professionals, as well as a diverse range of people living with conditions such as hand and thumb osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, tendinitis and non-specific arm pain.

Working together in several workshops, they will co-design the D-MAPP. This could involve a tailored, progressive exercise programme, condition-specific support and self-management information. Ultimately, the intervention development will be guided by lived experiences and healthcare professional expertise.

How to take part

D-MAPP researchers are conducting a number of studies leading up to the co-design process and are keen to involve as wide a range of healthcare and allied health professionals as possible. For professionals in and around the Yorkshire region, there are opportunities to take part in co-design workshops and to have a pivotal role in shaping the D-MAPP.

Fill out this brief online questionnaire to share your contact details and some brief information relating to your professional role. The D-MAPP team can then let you know about upcoming opportunities to take part in studies.