Our updated Keep Moving booklet is here!

The Physical Activity programme and Health Information team at Versus Arthritis have launched a new version of the Keep Moving booklet, designed to support people with arthritis to become more active.

The popular booklet now includes more detail on goal setting and self-reward, to help facilitate behaviour change among people with arthritis and MSK conditions. The booklet also comes with an updated poster and activity tracker. It’s now available to order from the order our publications page and a digital PDF can be downloaded from our exercise pages.

All of the information in the booklet can be found on our exercise pages, where we also have animated explanations of the benefits of exercise, physical activity guidelines and how to get started.

This information forms a part of our successful Let’s Move programme. The tailor-made content ranges from movement routines to top tips from experts and myth-busting advice. All our resources are free and available online. The best way to hear about all the latest content is by signing up to the Let’s Move newsletter.

The Let’s Move Facebook Group provides an opportunity for people with arthritis to connect with a community and share experiences, get advice, and discover motivational tips. The Let’s Move project aims to produce content that is diverse, from tai chi lessons and circuit training, to monthly challenges where we encourage people to participate at their own pace and share their experiences with the group.

To help inspire others, we regularly share stories of people whose conditions have improved by taking on different physical activities. The programme is designed to meet the needs of the community and by engaging with them, we are constantly trying to understand barriers and learn how we can adapt our content to better assist them on their journey to staying active.