Making a safe return to ‘in person’ fundraising

With a relaxation of rules around social contact across the country we know that people will once again want to begin planning fundraising for Versus Arthritis.

We are incredibly grateful for this vital help and we want to ensure that our supporters and volunteers are able to safely navigate their way back to fundraising for us in a way that not only follows the rules but is fun and fulfilling for everyone concerned.

What to do if you want to start fundraising

We would ask that whatever you are planning to do, please talk to our fundraising team you can call them on 0300 790 0405 or email them at and they will be able to give you guidance on the steps you need to take.

As a simple guide the key things you need to consider are:

National Rules

You will need to follow the regulations for your area of the UK as the 4 nations are following slightly different paths to unlocking. There may be different rules around indoor or outdoor events, size of permitted gatherings and track and trace rules.

Risk assessment

Anyone organising a fundraising event, including collections must have undertaken a suitable and sufficient risk assessment for their activity, you can find a template to a blank risk assessment form here. The fundraising team can help you by sharing our model risk assessments but it is the responsibility of the person undertaking the activity to complete the risk assessment.

Track and Trace

The organisers of any event will be required to keep the contact details of anyone attending and to hold those details securely for a period of three weeks. You may need to create an NHS QR code for use with the NHS Covid-19 App which you can do here.

Bringing people together again

When planning your fundraising event, think about who will be attending and check your guests feel comfortable coming to your event. You might consider holding your event outside or planning it to ensure guests are socially distanced. Make sure to check government guidelines to ensure your event is safe and legal too.

Think about any contacts you have - family, friends, colleagues, branch, or group members - who might be able to help with planning. Make sure they're comfortable with your fundraising plans and helping on the day.