Resistance band workout sessions

Build strength and manage your arthritis

We’ve developed three new follow along resistance band videos to help strengthen your bones and muscles as well as improve your posture. The exercises have been designed by fitness professional Leon Wormley and the series will help you strengthen the legs, arms, shoulders and back.

Throughout the three videos, Leon is joined by his mum Janet, who lives with arthritis.

A resistance band is a particularly useful item to add to your workout because it is low impact and a good alternative to weight training. This is important if you live with arthritis because it means less stress is put on your joints than through high impact exercise.

The full resistance band workout series can be accessed on YouTube. Remember to listen to your body and consult your doctor if you’re unsure whether resistance training is appropriate for your condition.

Resistance Band Workout Session One

Session one focuses on the upper body, including the biceps, shoulders and back. These exercises will make activities in daily life, such as opening doors and carrying shopping, easier.

Upper Body

Let's Move Resistance Band Workout Session Two

Session two focuses on strengthening the lower body, including muscles of the hips and thighs which in turn will help to stabilise the hip and knee joints. These exercises will make activities in daily life, such as going up and down stairs as well as walking, easier.

Lower Body

Let's Move Resistance Band Workout Session Three

Session three focuses upper body, including triceps, chest and back muscles. Strengthening these large muscle groups will make everyday tasks easier like getting down and back up off a chair and carrying shopping.

Upper Body

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Members of our Let’s Move Facebook group have given the exercises a try, “I’ve just done the upper body workout. Really enjoyed it, Leon makes these classes so good, and they definitely hit the spot!”.

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