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The impact of arthritis and MSK conditions on work

During 2023, we carried out two surveys to further understand the impact that arthritis or musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions have on work. The two reports below share the responses to the surveys along with experiences and suggestions from the respondents.

Understanding Work-related support for people with arthritis or MSK conditions

This report is aimed at those living with arthritis or MSK conditions and explores how their arthritis and related MSK conditions have affected their working life.

The survey hears from employees who have had to change or leave roles due to their condition, the lack of support from their employers, their experiences of occupational health, and access to work assessments.

The report also highlights how little they could influence getting their recommendations implemented, and the confusion in understanding their workplace rights.

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Identifying work-related training and resources for workplace professionals

Between March and July 2023, we conducted a survey and hosted a webinar with The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM). Within this report we hear from workplace health professionals, who support individuals with work- related issues. 

We wanted to better understand the gaps in training and resources that would assist them to support people with arthritis or MSK conditions experiencing work-related issues. 

Workplace professionals emphasised their need for practical information and resources to support those they are advising. A clearer understanding of the impact of treatments, how to assist those experiencing flares or awaiting treatment to return to or remain in work. 

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Next Steps

Both reports emphasise the need for accessible information and support to ensure workplace adjustments or equipment are put in place. While both groups of survey respondents shared incidences of good practice, the majority felt there is a need for, 

  • Clear information and signposting. 
  • Improved understanding of rights. 
  • Increased training and resources for employers and workplace professionals.  
  • Access to Self-Management support. 

As a result of the findings from the surveys, we are reviewing our current resources.