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Making Change Happen in musculoskeletal (MSK) services

At Versus Arthritis we work to enable and support local NHS services to provide the best possible care for people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. We firmly support the involvement of people with lived experience in the designing of local services, and have co-produced this guide:

To support the guide we ran a workshop in August 2021, welcoming colleagues and people with lived experience to join together and talk about our new guide. Listen to the recording here.

We advocate the implementation of evidence-based interventions and treatments. However, we acknowledge that this sits alongside high quality exploratory and innovative front-line work led by brilliant people up and down the country. These efforts and experiences are well worth sharing, so others can decide if there might be potential for making similar changes in their own area. Versus Arthritis is adopting an informal storytelling approach to describe attempts at improving MSK care. These Stories of Change are from different parts of the MSK pathway, from a range of professionals across the UK. They vary in their levels of evidence, scope, scale, and methodology.

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Stories of change

We have created a catalogue which collates all of the stories below:

Sharing stories to improve services in musculoskeletal care (PDF, 2 MB).

To access the stories of change individually, click below:

How might we enable people to find support outside of the clinical world?

How might we help join services together?

How might we involve people with lived experience to shape local healthcare?

How might we tackle waiting lists, and support people whilst they wait?

In 2022, we added some new stories

How might we provide better care in new ways?

Cascading information like this increases the opportunity for it to be ‘taken up’ by somebody and repeated which can only lead to better care for people like me.

Debra Dulake, Versus Arthritis Volunteer

These stories are inspiring but also outline the challenges which clearly can be real barriers to change

Gwyneth Richards, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, Hywel Dda University Health Board, Ceredigion