Applications for cohort 3 are not being accepted

MSK Champions programme: Applications for Cohort 3 are not currently taking place

Musculoskeletal champions Versus Arthritis

As we come out of the first stage of the pandemic, the charity has had to rigorously review all our activities and strategic priorities and unfortunately a decision has been made not to proceed with cohort 3 at this time.

Please join our professional network to receive updates about the programme, opportunities to work together and educational resources.

Meet our MSK Champions

Learn more about our current MSK Champions here.

The purpose

We are cultivating a community of multidisciplinary leaders to improve the quality of life for the 18 million people living with MSK conditions.

The programme

We partnered with Ashridge Executive Education, one of the top global business schools, to create a fully funded, MSK-focused leadership development programme.

In this 18-month programme, we will support and coach you to develop your leadership skills and help you start a service improvement project at a local or national level.

“It has already given me the confidence to face difficult situations that potentially stand in the way of improving care. I think the programme will give me a lifelong network of like-minded individuals who will be happy to offer support [and] mentorship. Our projects will improve the care for patients but more importantly the personal changes we are experiencing will be lifelong, and so will the improvements for those with MSK conditions.”

Kay Stevenson, consultant physiotherapist, MSK Champion

What does the MSK Champions programme involve?

  • Five residential learning modules at the Ashridge Executive Education business school. Find the dates for the modules here.
  • Four action learning sets, which are delivered in small group sessions online.
  • An MSK Champions online forum where Champions share ideas, talk about best practices and connect with peers.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Support from Versus Arthritis, including from our volunteers.
  • Advice and guidance from an alumni network of MSK champions.

Who can apply?

We know that it takes a multidisciplinary approach to transform MSK care. That’s why we’re looking for applicants from a range of professional backgrounds and specialties to join our MSK Champions.

If you are interested in applying, you should be involved in designing, commissioning or delivering MSK healthcare, education or services. Your profession might be any of the following:

  • clinician (such as an allied health professional, nurse, GP, pharmacist, rheumatologist, or other practitioner)
  • public health practitioner
  • commissioner
  • service manager
  • researcher or educator.

When we consider candidates, we’ll focus on your potential to lead and influence others, your self-awareness and your commitment to improving healthcare for people with MSK conditions.

Key dates

MSK Champions: Applications for cohort 3 are not taking place currently.

If you have any questions or queries please email: