Anterior transverse scan of the shoulder in neutral position

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The patient is seated with the elbow flexed at 90o, palm in supination resting on his thigh. The probe is placed on the anterior aspect of the shoulder 4–6cm below the acromion.

As the probe makes contact it is angulated slightly downwards to demonstrate the biceps tendon. Skin, subcutaneous fat, deltoid muscle and biceps tendon in bicipital groove of the humerus are clearly demonstrated.

The probe is moved superiorly and inferiorly to assess the integrity of the biceps tendon. By moving the probe medially the anterior aspect of the joint is seen. The coracoid process and tendon of subscapularis are clearly visualised.

With the elbow held at the waist the patient externally rotates the arm allowing the movement and integrity of subscapularis to be demonstrated.