An orthotist specialises in the use of devices (orthoses) to support weakened joints, correct deformities and reduce pain and strain when the affected joints are being used in everyday life. If you have complex needs you may require several meetings with an orthotist so that they can analyse and discuss with you how best to help you.

How can an orthotist help me?

The devices most commonly used by an orthotist in treating arthritis are special shoes or insoles for problems in the feet and legs, and splints for the hands and wrists. A number of splints and foot orthoses are available ready-made, and your physiotherapist or occupational therapist can advise on what might be suitable for you.

More complex problems may require a custom-made orthotic device, designed and fitted by an orthotist who specialises in that field. Orthotists will use plaster casts of feet or limbs, sketches, drafts, drawings and impression foam models to give manufacturers enough information to make a suitable device.