Meet our teams

People and Culture (P&C) Directorate

Our People and Culture Directorate delivers all of our people related services and brings together five teams: Organisational Development, People Business Partnering, People Operations, Diversity, Inclusion and Involvement, and Volunteering. All teams work together to ensure that Versus Arthritis is a great place to work and volunteer and that everyone feels engaged, motivated, supported, valued and included, and able to do their best for people with arthritis.

Finance and Corporate Resources (FCR) Directorate

The Finance and Corporate Resources Directorate encompasses the charity’s finance, awards and procurement, governance, assurance and legal, improvement and impact, ICT, facilities and digital and data operations, as well as ensuring our impact is clearly defined. The Directorate’s work ensures the charity is sustainable in the long-term. It delivers excellence in policy, process and systems in a range of infrastructure of our business management functions to ensure that we are a well-managed organisation with strong foundations.

The Chief Executive’s Office (CEO)

The Chief Executive’s Office supports the work of the CEO in leading the charity efficiently and effectively, as well as working with trustees, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), staff and volunteers from across the charity.

Services and Influencing (S&I) Directorate

The Services and Influencing Directorate delivers impact and change for people with arthritis through our support services of a helpline, online community and other digital tools, to our community delivery across our four nations, so that people can connect and learn the tools to self-manage and keep active. It supports people of all ages by delivering peer support, workshops and residentials to young people. It educates and trains health professionals to better understand arthritis and engage with us about our research. We are leaders in influencing governments to promote the importance of arthritis and enable change across our health and social care systems.

Income and Engagement (I&E) Directorate

The Income and Engagement Directorate drives action across audiences to transform awareness of arthritis, build the charity's profile and develop a strong, active and loyal community of support. The Directorate brings together traditional fundraising streams, earned income opportunities and strategic communication planning to maximise engagement with our supporters to deliver on our goal to be a sustainable organisation.

The Directorate is responsible for brand, marketing, communications and content, together with targeted income propositions. Alongside putting people with arthritis at the centre of its work, it uses insight, evidence and a test and learn approach to create and refine everything it does. We are fortunate that 80% of our supporters are made up of people living with arthritis. We inspire and motivate people and partnerships to get us nearer to our shared vision of a future free from arthritis.

Research and Health Intelligence (R&HI) Directorate

The Research and Health Intelligence Directorate funds world-leading research, and turns health data into accessible information that can be used to improve the lives of millions of people living with arthritis as well as deliver life-changing breakthrough treatments. The Directorate is made up of four teams: Research Delivery, Innovation and Industry Partnerships, Health Intelligence and Research Strategy and Growth.

Download our Leadership Team structure (PDF 35kb)