Why work with us

People don’t live with arthritis, they live with pain. Day in, day out. Around the country, 10 million people live with the pain of arthritis, including thousands of young children.

Pain that for many is relentless, debilitating and simply intolerable. Pain that disrupts relationships and work, makes everyday things difficult to do, and robs people of time with family, of experiences, a social life and fun.

We refuse to accept arthritis cruelly stealing life from people. Our vision is clear: a world that no longer tolerates the impact of arthritis.

Our corporate partners help us get closer to our vision. We create transformative, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnerships that truly make a difference. We will inspire your team and increase staff and customer engagement through meaningful fundraising, awareness, and campaigning opportunities.

Your company’s support will help to change lives.

  • Over 10 million people across the country are living with arthritis.
  • Over 28 million working days are lost each year to musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis.
  • Depression is four times more common among people living in persistent pain.

To find out more about how you can create a partnership with us, please get in touch - corporatepartners@versusarthritis.org.