Chat to the arthritis virtual assistant

What is AVA?

AVA, the Arthritis Virtual Assistant

AVA is a chatbot, and we’re training it to give you general information about arthritis and how to manage your symptoms.

You can find out about:

  • different types of arthritis
  • exercise
  • managing pain.

To use AVA, all you need to do is select the blue button with the speech bubble icon at the bottom of this page and follow the options.

Why should I use AVA?

AVA is here to give you fast, easy access to our trusted information, 24/7.

Every time you use AVA, you’re helping us to understand what people with arthritis want to know about. So you’re also helping other people with arthritis by making sure we can provide the right information.

What happens to my conversation?

Your conversation is stored for 90 days so we can understand what people want to find out about and improve the answers AVA gives to others in the future.

You don’t have to give any personal information, unless you’re booking a call with our helpline, but we'd never misuse any information you give, or share it with anyone without your permission.

To find out more about how AVA uses your information, please read our privacy notice. You can also read the full terms of using AVA in our terms and conditions.