Giving through your pay

Payroll Giving, sometimes known as Give as You Earn, is an easy and tax-efficient way of making regular donations to your favourite charities straight from your gross pay or pension.

Why is Payroll Giving a good thing?

Payroll Giving is a great way to enable the charities you care about to receive regular funds. There are many great benefits to Payroll Giving but ultimately it allows organisations like Versus Arthritis to make long-term plans and focus on our charitable objectives.

It is simple to setup and once it is done you can feel confident your money will be transmitted safely every month. You decide what to give and your employer deducts that amount from your pay each week or month. Small monthly donations have huge potential to help bring us closer to a future free from arthritis.

What does tax efficient mean?

By donating to Versus Arthritis from your gross pay it means there is no income tax liability on your donation and you will pay less tax. Donations made from gross pay also mean the charities you donate to don’t need to claim Gift Aid related to your donation, saving valuable time and money.

Payroll Giving is especially efficient for medium and higher rate taxpayers allowing for larger donations at a lower cost. You will pay less tax! The tax relief you get depends on the rate of tax you pay.

You will pay less tax!

Versus Arthritis receives a monthly donation Cost to basic rate (20%) taxpayer Cost to higher rate (40%) taxpayer
£5 £4 £3
£10 £8 £6
£25 £20 £15
£50 £40 £30

(Scottish rates of tax are slightly different)

Payroll Giving allows you to automatically give a gift to charities like ours each payday before tax is taken out of your pay cheque.

By giving through your pay, you’ll be helping to change the lives of people living with arthritis in the most tax efficient way, making your donation go much further.

How do I set up payroll giving?

If your employer currently doesn't offer a payroll giving scheme, setting one up is easy. Talk to key stakeholders, who will be in finance/payroll services, HR and senior management teams. They will be able to sign up to a scheme via a Payroll giving agency (PGA), please ask your payroll office to contact Give As You Earn for advice on how to set this up.

Do you already have a payroll giving scheme at your workplace? To support Versus Arthritis through payroll giving, you can complete and sign our payroll giving form (PDF, 588 KB) and return it to:

Versus Arthritis
Copeman House
St Marys Court
St Marys Gate
Chesterfield S41 7TD

You can alter or cancel your donation at any time – just tell your payroll office.

We are working tirelessly towards a future free from arthritis. A future where people no longer feel isolated and forgotten. Your support will help us turn hope into reality. To find out more about Payroll Giving, please download and share our helpful Payroll Giving guide.