Types of gifts you can leave

There are various types of gifts you can leave in your will, so you will need to consider which options are best for you and your loved ones.

Here are some of the main types of gifts that people choose to leave:

  • A residuary legacy is a percentage of your estate (everything you own) once all debts, funeral expenses and cash legacies have been paid. One advantage of residuary gifts is that they are inflation-proof. Many people choose to support charities by leaving them a residuary percentage – even 1% of your estate can make a big difference.
  • A pecuniary legacy is a fixed amount of money. Gifts like these can be linked to inflation (index-linked) which means your gift can retain its intended value over time. For example, if you had left an index-linked gift of £500 in a will written in 2000, it would be worth over £800 today.
  • A specific legacy is a particular item, such as a piece of jewellery, a house, an item of furniture.
  • A life interest trust allows you to leave a gift to a loved one so that they can benefit from it in their lifetime. On the event of the person’s death, the gift then passes to a second beneficiary chosen by you. For example, this gift might be property or possessions.

All gifts can make a lasting impact to our work and to the lives of people with arthritis.

If you decide to include a gift to Versus Arthritis, you will need to include our registered charity number and address in your will:

Versus Arthritis
Copeman House
St Mary’s Court
St Mary’s Gate
S41 7TD

Registered Charity England and Wales No. 207711, Scotland No. SC041156.

As required, we have informed the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland of our intention to register with them and are awaiting further details regarding their requirements. In the meantime, please use our England and Wales registration number (207711) as our charity number for Northern Ireland purposes.

Please note that the law in Scotland and Northern Ireland is different from the law in England and Wales. We recommend that you seek the professional advice of a solicitor.

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