Discover We Are Undefeatable's physical activity resources

25 January 2024
Smiling Jade sitting on a yoga mat stretches

The We Are Undefeatable campaign has launched a healthcare professionals resource and promotional pack, providing physical activity information and resources for you and your patients.

The resource pack contains:

  • practical tips for having conversations with patients around encouraging physical activity
  • information about why physical activity is so important in the management and prevention of long-term conditions
  • links to physical activity support and opportunities
  • physical activity finder tools
  • physical activity and behaviour change knowledge and tools.

There’s also:

  • a promotional pack which includes leaflets to hand to patients during or after physical activity conversations.
  • a conversation starter leaflet to support you in building physical activity conversations into your consultations.
  • a text message template that can be sent to patients following physical activity conversations.

Research shows that the NHS and healthcare professionals are the most trusted sources for advice about physical activity for people with health conditions.

We know that after a conversation about physical activity, 25% of people with long-term conditions took action to become more active, and 55% thought more about it.

We hope that you will find these resources helpful and feel equipped to support and encourage your patients to incorporate more movement into their lives.

Join the We Are Undefeatable Supporters Hub and download these resources for free.

The We are Undefeatable team has created a number of online resources for people with long-term conditions to get active.

Take a look on their ways to move webpage for activity inspiration, movement videos and resources to which you can signpost your patients.

Their resources have been designed for people with a range of long-term conditions and all can be done at home for free with no special equipment.