Research Appreciation Day 2024: How our research is offering hope for the future

05 July 2024
Researchers standing together studying data.

We are celebrating “Research Appreciation Day” to recognise the breakthroughs made by our fantastic researchers that offer a real hope for a future free from arthritis.

Why do we need research?

Over 10 million people across the UK live with arthritis. These conditions are complex and vary from person to person, so finding the right treatment and ultimately cure is a challenge. We want more ground-breaking breakthroughs in the lab, clinic and community turned into better treatments and interventions quicker, so people feel the benefits in their day-to-day life, sooner. That is why we are the largest dedicated funder of arthritis research in the UK.  

We believe that research can - and has - made life-changing differences to people with arthritis. What seemed impossible, has been made possible because of research. Research we funded has already led to a new class of drugs, known as biologics, being developed. Drugs such as adalimumab have transformed the treatment of inflammatory arthritis and improved the lives of almost 2 million people worldwide. 

What is Research Appreciation Day?

Founded by MQ Mental Health Research, #ResearchAppreciationDay aims to celebrate the work of all researchers who are working to better understand, treat and ultimately one day prevent serious illnesses.  

We want to say a massive Thank You to our wonderful team of researchers for all their tireless efforts. Thanks to their research we are moving closer every day to the discoveries and breakthroughs which will change people’s lives.  

To celebrate Research Appreciation Day, we wanted to share some of our favourite research news from the past year.  

Have a look at some of our recent research breakthroughs:

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Preventing osteoarthritis: Unlocking the potential of cell-based therapies


How research is helping us understand how diet influences inflammatory arthritis


Transforming gout care: How our research centre is changing the lives of people living with gout


Help us to continue our incredible research.

For too long, arthritis has been dismissed and ignored. But together, we can change that.    

We rely on public donations to tackle the challenges faced by the 10 million people living with arthritis in the UK.   

The generosity of people like you enables us to make a real difference – from carrying out life-changing research, educating and campaigning, to providing much-needed care and support.