How our Helpline is a lifeline for people living with arthritis

24 June 2024
Smiling Helpline Advisor wearing headset sat at a computer

Being diagnosed with a life-long condition like arthritis can stir up a lot of emotions. There’s a lot of information to get your head around, so it’s natural if you have a few questions on your mind.  

We believe that no one should have to face arthritis alone – and that’s why our free and confidential telephone Helpline can be a real lifeline.  

Here our Helpline Advisors, Gillian and Nicky, explain how  they’re here for you, every step of the way.  

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How can I contact your Helpline? 

Want to learn tips on how to manage your pain? Need advice on waiting for treatment? Or maybe you just want to chat to someone about what you’re going through.  

Whatever is on your mind, our friendly team of Helpline Advisors are just a phone call away. Or, if you’d prefer, you can also email our Helpline on 

How does your Helpline help people living with arthritis? 

Smiling Helpline Advisor wearing headsetOur Helpline brings all the information and advice about arthritis into one place.  

Our helpful team can offer tailored advice about: 

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Why do people call us? 

Every day we get calls from: 

  • People living with arthritis. 
  • Partners of people living with arthritis. 
  • Parents or carers of people living with arthritis. 
  • Healthcare professionals who treat people living with arthritis.  

Smiling photo of Helpline Advisor Nicki who has blonde hair and wears polka dot top

“There are lots of different reasons that people ring us,” explains Helpline Advisor Nicky.  

“People call who are newly diagnosed, and don't understand their diagnosis. We get people who can’t get a diagnosis and are struggling to get an appointment.  

“We also have people who feel unheard or dismissed. They're told that arthritis is ‘just a bit of wear and tear’ and very dismissive of the condition, when we know it’s a lot more complex.” 

Our team not only offer helpful information and advice, they can also offer emotional support and a listening ear, if you need it. 

“Sometimes, because they’re not talking to a family member, people find it’s easier to be open and honest,” says our Helpline Advisor Gillian.  

“They're not trying to hide their symptoms from anybody. They just want to talk it all through and get someone else's viewpoint. A lot of people find that talking through things really helps. Sometimes it’s not about the advice you give them, it’s that you listen." 

“It took one phone call to your Helpline that made me realise I was not alone in the struggle. They helped me put tools in place to manage my pain both physically and mentally. I will be forever grateful for the help and advice. You will always have my support and gratitude.”

Chris, 48, who lives with osteoarthritis

How many people does our Helpline support?  

Our Helpline allows us to be there for people, whenever and wherever, they need us most, 

In fact, in 2022-223 2023 alone, our helpline supported a staggering 11,000 people living with arthritis, offering tailored advice and support. 

“Knowing there are people out there that get it and have a wealth of information and support gives you hope.”


Have a question? Call our Helpline today


How is our Helpline equipped to help you? 

Our Helpline can help with over 200 conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis and gout

“All our information is fact-based, and evidence based,” explains Nicky. “We offer that personal touch as well. We will give you the space and the time you need. You're not being rushed off the phone. People open up, share, and it lightens their load. If we can give somebody a little bit of hope, then it's all worth it.” 

“Most of the people who work on our Helpline are touched in some way by arthritis, whether they're experiencing it themselves or they know somebody with arthritis. So, they have that personal knowledge as well.”  

Please note though, our advisors aren’t medically trained. So, they can’t offer you individual medical advice.  

“I phoned the Helpline because I was really struggling about four years ago. I couldn’t get used to being unable to do certain things. I was frustrated at myself that day, I felt like I was failing. I cried because I couldn’t cope with my physical condition.”

Elaine, 66, who lives with osteoarthritis

What would you say to someone who is considering ringing the Helpline?  

Smiling photo of Gillian who wears glasses

We know it can be intimidating picking up the phone. But whatever you’re going through, remember you’re not alone.  

“There are no silly questions,” says Gillian. “Whatever you want to ask, we’re here for you,” “This support is here if you need it, and it can be really helpful especially if you’re living rurally. It’s a free phone number, so it’s not going to cost you anything either.”  

“People tell us ‘You know, you've told me more in this 15-minute conversation than I've heard in the last three to five years,’” reflects Nicky.  “We give them all the knowledge and support they need. And if we haven't got the answers, we will direct them to those answers, so they don’t have to go from pillar to post.  

“We get lots of lovely feedback. People are so thankful and so appreciative. It's a lifeline to them.”