Inspire magazine

The front cover of Versus Arthritis Inspire magazine. The cover shows a women, sat on a step, facing towards the camera smiling.

Our latest edition

Inspire is a quarterly magazine packed with features, news, tips and information on how to live well with arthritis and related conditions.

Our Autumn 2023 edition includes:

  • 6 ways to reduce joint pain
  • acupuncture – what it is and the benefits of trying it
  • tips on how you can talk about your arthritis to others
  • along with recipes, research updates and much much more.

Inspire Summer 2023

Our Summer 2023 edition includes:

  • tips to beat brain fog
  • how arthritis affects women and men differently
  • as well as advice on health and exercise to help you look after your joints.

Inspire Spring 2023

Our Spring 2023 edition includes:

  • ways to ease fatigue
  • how the changing seasons affect pain
  • why gardening is good for your body and soul
  • recipes, readers letters and much more.

Inspire Winter 2022

In the Winter 2022 Inspire edition we have articles on:

  • advice for setting achievable new year's resolutions
  • keeping a pain diary
  • what's new in arthritis research
  • festive recipes, reader's top tips and much more.

Inspire Autumn 2022

In the Autumn 2022 Inspire edition we have articles on:

  • how to sleep better
  • the healing power of laughter
  • how to get started with cycling
  • 5 reasons to eat with the seasons.

Inspire Summer 2022

In the Summer 2022 Inspire edition we have articles on:

  • 6 ways to ease pain
  • the best exercises for knee arthritis
  • all about getting a referral
  • CBD oil - getting a lowdown.

Inspire Spring 2022

In the Spring 2022 Inspire edition we have articles on:

  • fitness myths busted
  • how to ask for help when you need it most
  • everything you need to know about flare ups
  • reader's letters and top tips and much more.