Planning your event


You’ve decided to hold an event for Versus Arthritis – now it’s time to start planning.

The earlier you start planning your fundraising event, the better. Think about how much you’d like to raise then write down lots of ideas and choose one that you’ll enjoy organising. We've got lots of ideas to inspire you.

Once you’ve got your idea you can start planning. Download our Event Planning Checklist (PDF, 183 KB) and Timeline (PDF, 189 KB) and follow our easy tips to help make your event a success.

What do I need to think about before my event?


Choose a venue that's suitable for your event. You'll need to think about whether a venue:

  • is big enough for what you need
  • is well known
  • is easy to get to
  • is accessible for people with mobilty issues
  • has any hire cost.

Date and time

Choose a date that works well for you and for your supporters. Think about the time of year that will suit your type of event and if it'll have any implications on the planning.

Make sure you try to avoid any big events in your local area, for example other fundraisers, or large national events that might be distracting.


Work out a simple budget at the start of your planning – include all the costs you expect to incur and think about how you'll raise funds on the day to cover the costs as well as meet your fundraising goal.

Think about whether you can reduce the costs through donations or sponsorship.


Think about who you want to get involved and how you'll make them aware of your event. Do you need to make posters or flyers or can you use email? Can your local newspaper or radio station help?

Make sure you tell us about your event so that we can support you!

Plan the details

Do you need some help with organising the event and running it on the day? Do you need to do any shopping for the event or hire any equipment, entertainment or supplies?

Perhaps you could build a team of helpers from friends or family. Make sure that everyone knows what you would like them to do in the build-up and on the day of the event and recognise their contributions.

At the event


Find out all the factors you need to consider to make your event safe.


Make sure you have plenty of time and helpers to set up for the event and don’t forget to enjoy it!

After the event

Thank all the people who've helped you to organise and publicise your event and let them know how much you’ve raised.

Don’t forget to find out how to get the money to us so that we can put it to good use and let us know how it went by contacting our community fundraising team on 0300 790 0405 or