The Case for Support for Musculoskeletal Research

Versus Arthritis has funded, commissioned and championed musculoskeletal (MSK) research for many years. We undertook desk-based research from February – October 2020 to review evidence and inform the development of our new research strategy. In this new report, we have reviewed information about the ways in which research can address the needs of people with arthritis and related MSK conditions, the types of MSK research already taking place and the challenges which limit the impact, or delay the implementation, of that research. We also reviewed issues currently facing the wider UK medical research community.

We produced this report for two reasons:

  1. To create an evidence base which could be tested and expanded by the contributors who are helping to develop a new research strategy for the next four years. We rely on insight from people with lived experience of arthritis, researchers, healthcare professionals and many others to help us define our priorities for research.
  2. To collate examples of successes in MSK research and identify barriers and opportunities for MSK research in the UK. We will highlight these as we work to raise the profile of MSK research across the UK.

Reviewing the case for support for MSK research report (PDF, 436 KB) provides a snapshot of the value of MSK research and the gaps in the research base which still need to be addressed. We have funded and championed MSK research for many years, but we know there is more still to do. We want research to have an even greater positive impact on the quality of life of people with arthritis and related MSK conditions. This report is one part of our journey towards that goal.