Improving hip fracture care in England and Wales

Disease - Osteoporosis, hip pain

Lead applicant - Dr Celia Gregson

Organisation - University of Bristol

Type of grant - Health Services Research

Status of grant - Active

Amount of the original award - £396,264.82

Start date - 01 October 2019

Reference - 22086

Public Summary

What are the aims of this research?

In England and Wales there are 173 hospitals which provide care for patients who have fractured their hips. However, these researchers believe that despite national guidelines, there is variation in the care patients receive between hospitals, and this variation in service may affect patient recovery following hip fracture. Therefore, this research aims to identify which processes within the hip fracture healthcare pathway result in improved patient outcomes and cost-effective service. By carrying out interviews, they also aim to determine if hospital staff are faced with any barriers to providing optimal healthcare service.

Why is this research important?

It is estimated that approximately 80,000 elderly people break their hips each year. This injury can cause significant pain and mobility problems for those affected. If there are organisational factors which can be identified and controlled to improve patient survival and recovery as well as reducing pain, then this would have great benefits for patients nationwide.

How will the findings benefit patients?

Following this in depth look at hip fracture care, each hospital will receive a report summarising their strengths and weaknesses in their care for hip fracture patients. Following on from this, the researchers aim to produce an ‘Implementation Toolkit’, which will be available to hospital managers and healthcare providers free of charge, with the aim of enabling consistent, sustainable and high-quality hip fracture care across England and Wales.