Understanding and improving osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment in primary care

Disease - Osteoporosis

Lead applicant - Dr Ashley Hawarden

Organisation - Keele University

Type of grant - Clinical Research Fellowship 2021

Status of grant - Pending start date

Amount of the original award - £283,969

Start date - 03 August 2022

Reference - 22726

Public Summary

What are the aims of this research?

This research aims to understand current practice of identifying, investigating, and managing osteoporosis in primary care. This research will also explore barriers towards providing osteoporosis care.

Why is this research important?

Primary care is often the first point of contact for patients and has an important role in identifying and treating people living with, or at risk of developing osteoporosis. Previous research has shown that primary care practitioners sometimes do not deem osteoporosis as important medical conditions and there are gaps in knowledge on the identification and treatment of the condition. This causes a treatment gap between recommended management and the care people receive. People living with the condition can also often feel dissatisfied with the care they are currently receiving in primary care. This research will help us to understand how osteoporosis is currently being identified and managed and will provide recommendations on how primary care can be improved for people living with osteoporosis.

How will these findings benefit patients?

Gaining knowledge on the current practice behind identifying, investigating and managing osteoporosis will help us to understand the gap between recommended management and the actual care people receive. This study will provide recommendations to improve primary care of people living with osteoporosis.